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January/February 2020

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Editorial: The More You Know, the Better You Are

Casting Source magazine is for three main categories in the metalcasting supply chain. Those who specify that a part should be foundry-made, designers and engineers of the specified part, and purchasing agents. The more each of them knows, the better decisions they make. That’s where your choice of continuing education comes in.

Fitting the Casting to the Foundry

In advising buyers, a topic that often comes up in conversation revolves around the ability to know which foundry is best to produce certain castings. While many foundries may have the capability to make your casting, knowing the ones that provide a “best fit” can shorten your sourcing process. Several key factors are in play to determine best fit: metal type, casting weight and size, annual volume, and part complexity.

4 Ways to Coordinate Your Supply Chain

Because of their smaller size,small-to-medium businesses are often more susceptible to market downturns and face economies of scale disadvantages. Thus, it’s critical that your SMB supply chains continuously innovate to produce superior casting solutions, and that your company has product launch plans amenable to your supply chain’s capabilities.

When It's Difficult to Get Started

Before we analyze why getting started with a good casting design is difficult, and how to formulate what can be done about it, let’s talk about “why castings in the first place.” There must be a driving force to design castings, because it is not easy.

When Is a Casting Returnable?

Nearly every casting has an irregularity. While most don’t cause a part to fall out of specification, some can be significant enough to send the casting back to the foundry.

Should You Cast It?

How do you spot a conversion opportunity for casting? Two questions that should be asked are: Could those parts be redesigned into a single cast metal component for improved performance? Is there a potential performance gain or cost savings that would make the redesign viable?

Engineered for Value

Investment casting offers incredible design freedom, but the design must make best use of its benefits to be cost effective.


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