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Introducing Casting Source

Casting Source is the new, re-imagined Metal Casting Design & Purchasing. Check out the new design and features in the first issue. to subscribe to receive more issues.


Editorial: Hello World, Casting Source Is Here

Welcome to the brand-new Casting Source magazine, a redesign and rename of Metal Casting Design & Purchasing magazine. It’s the culmination of many meetings, conversations, and surveys to give our readers the best content about building up and maintaining a quality casting supply chain.

Why Can't I Get My Castings Tomorrow?

Casting buyers face many challenges to getting the castings they want, when they want them. Probably the biggest one from a new buyer’s perspective revolves around the time it takes to produce a casting.

Reshoring: A Corporate Decision-Making Shift

In 2018, reshoring and foreign direct investment (FDI) job announcements reached the second-highest annual rate in history, bringing over 757,000 total jobs to the U.S. from offshore since the manufacturing employment low of 2010. The strength of the upswing demonstrates a tangible shift in corporate decision-making that is likely to extend the trend of reshoring and localization into the future.

Vacuum Process Cuts Costs by 80% Over Machined Billet

A bearing housing for robotic surgical equipment was originally designed as a part to be machined from billet, but a less expensive option was desired.

7 Questions to Ask a Potential Casting Supplier

Narrow down the search for a new foundry with these basic questions.


Handling Surcharges

Math and accurate data are keys to getting buyers and casting suppliers on the same page.



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