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September/October Issue Features↓

Cutting Through the Challenges

AAM's Columbiana lost foam casting facility tackled a difficult project thanks to ingenuity and teamwork with its customer.
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Which Casting Process?

Choosing metalcasting is just the start. This article will help you navigate the casting process palette and find the optimal one for your part.
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Searching for the Low-Cost, Power-Dense, Aluminum Engine

Can a new method for tooling high-pressure diecasting pave the way to closed-deck engine blocks?
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Casting Sports History

Castings pay tribute to some of history’s greatest athletes via statues, plaques or busts that allow fans to cheer for players long after their playing days are over.
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Critical Characteristics Affecting the Surface Finish of Castings

Surface finish is an integral part of casting quality specifications, and a recent study sought to achieve investment casting-level surface finish in sand cast components.
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Tracking Growth in Business and Houseplants

Measuring something, like a part’s scrap rate, delivery record or pick-and-place time, doesn’t just indicate the current data point. It shows what is possible, what more can happen.
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In the News
» GF Linamar Gets $300M Order

» Fairfield Gets New Ownership

» Alcast Purchases Fairfield Aluminum

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